Courses at the Hebrew University Funded by the Nevzlin Center, 2004-2005

Department of Jewish History:

1. Dr. Rachel Manekin. "Religion, Culture and Politics in the Jewish Society of Galicia". Full-year.

2. Dr. Haim Gertner. "Tradition under the Test: Halacha, Ranbinics, and Orthodoxy".  Full-year.

3. Yemima Hovav. "A Look at the Life of the Jewish Woman in Eastern and Central Early Modern Europe". Full-year.

4. Jonathan Meir. "From Kahal to a Community of Readers: The Jewish Press in Eastern Europe in the 19th Century". Full-year M.A. seminar taught jointly with Prof. Israel Bartal.


Department of Russian and Slavic Studies:

5. Dr. Vladimir Khazan. "Russian Literature and the Jewish World". Full year B.A. seminar.

6. Dr. Michael Weiskopf. "Russia from the Khazars until the Revolutions: the Jewish Perspective". Full-year.

7. Dr. Judith Kalik. "Jews and Slavs in the Early Modern Era". Full-year seminar.


 Rothberg International School for Overseas Students, in cooperation with the Chais Center for Jewish Studies in Russian:

8. Ilia Lurie. "Spiritual and Political Trends in East European Jewish Society in the Modern Era".  Fall semester.

9. Hillel Kazovskii. "Jewish Art and Artists in Modern Eastern Europe". Spring semester.


Institute of Contemporary Jewry:
10. Semion Goldin. "East European Jewry: Late 19th Century - 1945". Spring semester.