Courses at the Hebrew University Funded by the Nevzlin Center, 2005-2006

Department of Jewish History:

1. Dr. Rachel Manekin. "Jewish Youth Education in Central and Eastern Europe". Full-year.

2. Jonathan Meir."Hasidism in the Eyes of the Haskalah". Full-year.

3. Nathan Shifris. "The Discourse on Jewish Nationalism". Full-year.


Department of Russian and Slavic Studies:

4. Dr. Judith Kalik. "Converted Jews in Muscovy and Poland-Lithuania". Full-year.

5. Dr. Michael Weiskopf. "Judaism, Jews and Russian Religious-Philosophic Thought". Full-year.


Chais Center for Jewish Studies in Russian in cooperation with Rothberg International School for Overseas Students:

6.  Ilia Lurie. "Jewish Society in Eastern Europe through the Middle Ages and Modern Time". Autumn semester.

7. Dr. Zoya Kopelman. "Literary life of Russian and east European Jewry in the late 19th - early 20th centuries". Autumn semester.