Migration Course Cluster at the Hebrew University Funded by the Nevzlin Center, 2011-2012

Department of Jewish History and Institute of Contemporary Jewry:

1.  Prof. Shaul Stampfer. "Migration in East Europe". Full-year.

2.  Dr. Jonathan Dekel-Chen. "Modern Jewish and Non-Jewish Migration". M.A. seminar. Full-year.

3. Dr. Chen Bram. "The Post- Soviet Immigration in Israeli Society". M.A. seminar. Autumn semester. With the support of the Posen Fund.


 School  of Fine Arts: 

4.  Dr. Lola Kantor-Kazovsky. "Migrations: Russian and East-European Jewish Artist". Full-year. With the support of the Posen Fund.


Department of History:

5. Dr. Zeev Levin. "Deportation of Nations in the Soviet Union". Spring semester.