Courses at the Hebrew University Funded by the Nevzlin Center, 2006-2007

Department of Jewish History:

1.  Yemima Hovav. "The Jewish Woman in Central and Eastern Europe, 15th-18th centuries". Autumn semester.

2.  Nathan Shifris. "The Discourse on Jewish Nationalism in 19th century Eastern Europe".  Spring semester.

3.  Dr. Rachel Manekin. "From Joseph II to Franz Joseph: Galician Jewry during the Long 19th Century". Autumn semester.

4.  Prof. Elchanan Reiner. "Trends in Ashkenazic Rabbinic Literature in Early Modern Epoch".   Autumn semester.

5.  Prof. Israel Bartal, Dr. Semion Goldin. "Historical Source, Text and Context: Studying East European Jewish History". Full-year.


Department of Russian and Slavic Studies:

6.  Dr. Judith Kalik. "The Church and the Jews in Eastern. Europe: Early Modernity". Full-year. 

7.  Dr. Michael Weiskopf. "Image of a Jew in Russian Culture". Full-year.


 Department of Hebrew Literature:

8. Victoria Shifris. "Yiddish Literature in Hebrew Translation".   Full-year.

9.  Dr. Nathan Cohen. "Introduction to Yiddish Studies". Full-Year.


Chais Center for Jewish Studies in cooperation with Rothberg International School for Overseas Students:

10. Dr. Arkady Zeltser. "Soviet Jewry in the Interwar Period". Autumn semester.

11.  Dr. Boris Khaimovich. "The Material Culture of the East-European Jewry". Autumn semester.