Prize for an Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation:

Dr. Shmuel Barnai

 "Soviet Jews in the Post-Stalin Era, 1953-1964"


Research Grants for Ph.D. Candidates:

Dan Haruv (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Nation and the Bible: The Simon Dubnov's Picture of the Biblical Past (1883-1924)"

Oleg Zhidkov (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

"A History of the Jewish Settlement in Eastern Ukraine, 1649-1772" 


Post-Doctoral Research Grants:

Dr. Naomi Cohn Zentner

"The Singing of Zemirot Shabbat among the Jews of Galicia and Bukovina" 

Dr. Nelly Portnova

"A.Z. Steinberg’s Existential Prose"