Prize for an Outstanding M.A. Thesis:


Naama Seri-Levi (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

""The Human Material is Far Superior to its Predecessors": The Jewish Repatriates in the Displaced Persons Camps 1946-1947"


Post-Doctoral Research Grants:


Prof. Zakhar Shybeka (Independent Scholar)

"An Outline of Jewish Trade in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the End of the 14th Century to the End of the 18th Century"|

Dr. Rafael Tsirkin-Sadan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Hundred Years Together: Hebrew Literature and Russian Literature, 1850 – 1950"

Dr. Edward Waysband (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Responses of Russian Press and Literature to Polish-Jewish Tensions at the Beginning of the First World War

Dr. Arie Yariv (Tel Aviv University)

"The Karaite community in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Five centuries of Jewish existence"


Research Grants for Ph.D. Candidates:


Daria Vasiutinski (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

"Early Stages of Research of the Firkowicz Collections: The Emergence of Russian Jewish Studies"


Zvi Orgad (Bar Ilan University)

"Eliezer-Zusman: An Eighteenth-Century Synagogue Painter at Work"