Prize for an Outstanding M.A. Thesis:

Ms. Bilha Shilo (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

""Funem Folk, Farn Folk, Mitn Folk": The Restitution of YIVO's Collections after the Second World War"


Ms. Meirav  Reuveny (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Hebraist in Berlin: Shai Ish Hurwitz and He-Atid (1903-1914), Historical Consciousness and the Hebrew Language Revival"


Research Grants for Ph.D. Candidates:

Ms. Yael Levy (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)  

"Transition of the Jewish Print from Eastern Europe to USA in the second half of the 19 Century"


Julia Rusakova (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Jewish involvement in the landholdings and leasing monopoly rights in Lutsk district of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 1569-1647"


Mr. Yitzhak Sleiter (Ben Gurion University )

"Nationalism, Mysticism and Modernity in the Thought of Rabbi Shmuel Alexandrov"



Post-Doctoral Research Grants:

Dr. Alex Valdman (Ben Gurion University)

"The ‘Woman Question’ as a ‘Jewish Question:’ Gender, Activism and Jewishness among the Jewish Students in Late Imperial Russia"