Prize for an Outstanding M.A. Thesis:

Ms. Alexandra Mandelbom (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Circular Model in Likutey Moharan of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov"


Post-Doctoral Research Grants:

Dr. Roee Y. Goldschmidt (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

"Kabbalah in Eastern Europe"


Dr. Miriam Szamet (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Her Rebellion is Nothing but a Corridor of Constructive Action:
Puah Rakovsky and her Involvement in Girls' Education, Feminism, Zionism and Socialism in Eastern Europe (1865-1955)"


Dr. Anat Vaturi (University of Haifa)

"Fifty Shades of Religious Tolerance: Models and Practices in Early Modern and Modern Eastern Europe"


Dr. Daria Daria Vasyutinsky (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

"Avraham Firkowicz, the Northern Caucasus, and the First Firkowicz Collection of Manuscripts"


"Am ve-Olam" Scholarships for Outstanding M.A. Students (in Memory of Bela and Shlomo Bartal):


Ms. Victoria Alexeeva (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

          "Bibliography and Works of the Yiddish Writer Israel Rabon"


Mr. Avraham O. Kelman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Philosophical Writings of Rabbi Moses Isserles"