Grants and Prizes 2020-2021

M.A. Research Grant:

Elizabeth Wasserman-Slutsky (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Education of the Children of Aliyah Activists and Refuseniks in the USSR in the 1980s: with Emphasis on Children Oriented Cultural and Community Activities"


Ph.D. Research Grant:

Natalie Beige (Tel Aviv University)

"As the Sky Darkened: The Jews in the Siauliai Region During World War II and the Holocaust: 1941-1944"

Alina Polovinchyk (Ariel University)

"Karaite Library Karay Bitikligi: History, Formation, Contents"   


Post-Doctoral Research Grants:

Dr. Chen Bram

"Jews and Christians in Soviet Georgia: Locality, Ethnic Boundaries and Intimacy between Groups"

Dr. Sylvia Hershcovitz (Bar-Ilan University)

"A Missing Link: Jewish Women and Their Organizations in Romania in the First Half of the 20th Century"