Research Grants for M.A. Candidates:


Hanan Harif (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

 "Charisma, Institutionalization, Continuity and Change in the ‘Novardoc’ Movement from its Beginnings until the Second World War"


 Research Grants for Ph.D. Candidates:


Scott Ury (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Red Banner, Blue Star: Revolutionary Politics, Democratic Institutions and

Collective Identity among Jews in Warsaw, 1904-1907"

Vladimir Levin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Russian Jews between the First Russian Revolution and the First World War:

Political Forces and the Politics of Culture"

János Kőbányai (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Creating Jewish Culture in Hungary: József Patai and his Periodical Past and Future, 1911-1944"

Erzsebet Mislovics (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

 "The Demographic and Economic History of Hungarian Jewry in the Pre-Industrial Era, 1700-1830"

Sara Friedland Ben-Arza (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

 "Homiletic Principles in the Non-Hallachic Writings of Rabbi Zadoq Ha-Cohen of Lublin"

Golda Ahiezer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Patterns and Trends in the Development of Historic Identity among East European Karaites from the 17th to the 19th Centuries"

Ravital Amiran Sapir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Self-Salvation in the Jewish National Revival Movement"

Nelly Oren-Monovich (Tel Aviv University)

 "The Policy of the Communist Regime in Poland toward Jews after the Holocaust"


Grants for Post-Doctoral Research:


Dr. Guy Miron (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Representations of the Past in 'Emancipated Jewry' during its Decline: the Historical Discourse among Jewish Publics in Germany, France and Hungary"

Dr. Louise Hecht (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Textbooks in Context: Narratives of Jewish Textbooks in the Habsburg Monarchy (1782-1867) from a Cultural and Literary Perspective"

Dr. Rachel Manekin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"From Jewish-Poles to Austrian Citizens: Galician Jewry on the Road to Modernization, 1840-1867"

Dr. Benni Brown (Bar-Ilan University)

"The Power of Simplicity: Hafetz Haim, his Worldview, Halakhic Rulings and Influence on 20th Century Orthodoxy"

Dr. Zvi Mark (Bar-Ilan University)

 "Stories by Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav Excluded from Sipurey ma`asiyout: Research and Preparation of a Critical Edition"

Dr. Ela Bauer (Haifa University)

"The Impact of Differing Secular Intellectual Climates on Jewish Diasporas: The Polish Intelligentsia, the German Bildung and the Jews"                                              

Dr. Alexander Zanemonets (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Jewish Society and Culture in the Balkans during the Late Middle Ages"

 Dr. Dina Zisserman-Brodsky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Jewish Women in Late Imperial Russia as Agents of Modernity"