Prizes for Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertations:


Dr. Roni Biran

"Folk Stories of Polish Jews between the World Wars"

Dr. Haim Gertner

"Rabbis and Rabbinical Judges in Galicia in the First Half of the 19th Century: A Typology of Traditional Leadership in Crisis"

Dr. Arkady Zelzer

"The Jews of North-East Belarus between the World Wars"


Prizes for Outstanding M.A. Theses:


Uriel Gelman

"Sefer Hasidim:  A Censored Essay Condemning Hasidism and its Place in the Struggle between Hasidim and Mitnagdim"

Vladislav Sokolovsky, z"l

"Perspectives on Jewish and Cultural Identity among New Immigrants from the USSR and the C.I.S in Russian-Language Journalism in Israel" 


Research Grants for Ph.D. Candidates:


Shmuel Barnai (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Grey Years? Soviet Jewry in the Post-Stalin Era, 1953-1964"

 Ben-Zion Klibansky (Tel Aviv University)

"Lithuanian Yeshivas in Eastern Europe between the World Wars"

János Kőbányai  (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Creating Jewish Culture in Hungary: Jozsef Patai and his Periodical Past and Future, 1911-1944"

Vladimir Levin (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Russian Jewry between the First Russian Revolution and the First World War: Political Forces and Cultural Politics"

Hendrika Van Luit (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Austrian Educational System and the Maskil as a Civil Servant: German-Jewish Schools in Galicia and the Activities of Herz Homberg and Josef Perl, 1786-1848"

Neli Oren-Monovich (Tel Aviv University)

"The Jewish Policy of the Communist Regime in Poland after the Holocaust, 1944-1951"

 Mariana Prigozhina (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Modern Russian-Jewish Literature in Israel, Germany and the USA: Humor and Satire -- Jewish Tradition in Migration". 


Post-Doctoral Research Grants:


Dr. Semion Goldin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Russian Jews under Tzarist Army Rule during the First World War"

Dr. Hagit Cohen (Bar Ilan University)

"Between the Demands of Integration and the Challenges of Ethnization: The Yiddish 'Book' and Reading among East European Jewish Immigrants to America, 1890-1930"

Dr. Louise Hecht (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Textbooks in Context: Narratives of Jewish Textbooks in the Habsburg Monarchy (1782-1867) from a Cultural and Literary Perspective"

Dr. Dmitry Shumsky (Haifa University)

"Czech-German Jewry, Prague Zionists and the Beginnings of Ethno-National Criticism in Zionism, 1900-1921"

Dr. Vladimir Kirsanov (Independent Scholar)

"The 'Jewish Question' in Russian Prose during the Second Half of the 19th Century"

Dr. Judith Kalik (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Council of Four Lands during the 18th Century: Structure and Geographical Distribution"

Dr. Leonid Yuniverg (Independent Scholar)

"The Contribution of Jewish Publishing Houses to Russian Culture from the Second Half of the 19th Century until the Dawn of the 20th Century"