Prizes for Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertations:


Dr. Semion Goldin

"Russian Jewry under Tzarist Military Rule during the First World War"

Dr. Viacheslav Konstantinov

"Changes in Educational and Professional Structure as an Indicator of the Socio-Economic Status of Jews in the USSR: An Historical Perspective".

Dr. Hagit Cohen (Bar-Ilan University)

"Between the Demands of Integration and the Challenges of Ethnization: The Yiddish 'Book' and Reading among East European Jewish Immigrants to America, 1890-1930" 


Prizes for Outstanding M.A. Theses:


Zehavit Stern

"Yiddish Cinematographic Melodrama: a Portrait of a Restless Culture"

Diego Rotman

"Yiddish Language and Yiddish Theater in Israel"

Post-Doctoral Research Grants:

Dr. Haim Gertner (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Rabbis and Rabbinical Judges in Galicia during the First Half of the 19th Century: A Typology of a Traditional Leadership in Crisis"

Dr. Louisa Hecht (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The יידישדייטשע מאנאטשריפט  (Prague, 1802). A Chapter in the Diffusion of Haskalah to Eastern Europe"

Dr. Zvi Mark (Bar-Ilan University)

"The Moharan of Rabbi Naftaly:" a New Biographical Manuscript on Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav" 

Dr. Yehudit Kalik (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Council of Four Lands during the 18th Century: Structure and Geographical Distribution" 


Research Grants for Ph.D. Candidates:


Marie Crhova (Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Central European University)

“Jews and Left-Wing Ideologies in Interwar Czechoslovakia”

Uriel Gelman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Hasidism in Poland during the First Half of the 19th Century: Typologies of Group Leadership and Community"

Maoz Kahana (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Writing of Halakhah in a Changing World: the Work of Rabbi Moshe Sofer (Hatam Sofer), 1762-1839"

Ben-Zion Klibansky (Tel Aviv University)

"Lithuanian Yeshivas in Eastern Europe between the World Wars"

János Kőbányai (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

 “Creating Jewish Culture in Hungary: Jozsef Patai and his Journal Past and Future, 1911-1944”

Nurit Orhan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Women’s Participation in the Yiddish press in the Russian Empire, 1881-1914"

Gad Sagiv (Tel Aviv University)

"Chernobyl Hasidism: History and Teaching from its Beginning until the First World War"