Prize for an Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation:


Dr. Scott Uri

"Red Flag, Blue Stripes: Radical Politics, Democratic Institutions and the Collective Identity of Warsaw Jews, 1904 - 1907" 


Prize for an Outstanding B.A. Seminar Paper:


Ifat Ehrlich

"The Fate of Children from the Vilna Ghetto in the Concentration Camps in Estonia and Riga" 


Post-Doctoral Research Grants:


Dr. Boris Khaimovich (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Genesis of 'Personal Motifs' on Jewish Tombstone Reliefs in Eastern Europe as a Reflection of the Process of Individualization"

Dr. Paweł Maciejko (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Ritual Murder Accusations in Early Modern Poland-Lithuania"

 Dr. Yehudit Kalik (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Jewish Settlement in the Western Borderlands of Russia from 1654 until the Partition of Poland" 


Research Grants for Ph.D. Candidates:


Adva Zeltser (Bar-Ilan University)

"'My Soul Still Aspires to Freedom': Growing up in a Jewish Family in Poland between the World Wars"

 Alex Valdman (Ben Gurion University of Negev)

"Perezhitoe. Collections of Essays on the Social and Cultural History of Russian Jewry: Background, Context and Influence"

Ben-Zion Klibansky (Tel Aviv University)

"Lithuanian Yeshivas in Eastern Europe during the Interwar Period"

Erzsebet Mislovics (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Demographic and Economic History of Hungarian Jewry during the Preindustrial Era, 1700-1830"

Gad Sagiv (Tel Aviv University)

"Chernobyl Hasidism: History and Teaching from its Beginnings until the First World War" 

Ido Bassok (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Social, Educational and Psychological Factors in the World of Jewish Youth in Small and Medium-Sized Towns in Poland between the World Wars"

Kalman Notarius (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Jewish Historical Writing about the Crisis of 1648–1649 and the Birth of the National Historical Narrative"

Masha Grobman (Bar-Ilan University)

"Architecture of Stone Synagogues in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the mid-16th Century until the End of the 18th Century"

Natanel Kantorovich (Tel Aviv University)

"Reality or a Dream? Jewish Settlement in the Land of Israel and the Soviet Union, 1933-1945"

Shmuel Barnai (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Zionist Activity in the Soviet Union during the 1950s and 1960s"

Shoshana Shferber (Tel Aviv University)

"Yitzhak Isaac Lubetzky: Narrator and Critic"

Witold Medikovsky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Between Slavery, Destruction and Survival: Forced Labor of Jews during the Period of the General Gouvernement, 1939-1943"

Vladislav Sokolovsky, z"l (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Yiddish Travel Literature between the World Wars"

Sarah Friedland Ben-Arza (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Homiletic Principles in the Non-Halakhic Writings of Rabbi Zadoq Ha-Cohen of Lublin"