Prize for an Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation:

  • Dr. Ilya Lurie (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Lubavich and its Wars: The Struggle of Chabad Hassidism for the Image of Jewish Society in Tsarist Russia"



Post-Doctoral Research Grants:

  • Dr. Golda Akhiezer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Researching the Crimean Karaites' Hebrew Chronicles of the 18th-19th Centuries"


  • Dr. Chen Bram (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Bukhara and the Caucasus Jews: Local Identities and Contacts with their Environment"


  • Dr. Isaiah Gruber (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Hebrew and Jewish Themes in Russian Identity"


  • Dr. Zeev Levin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Jewish Refugees in the Soviet Union during the Second World War"


  • Dr. Ben Peters (Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Columbia University)

"The Soviet Internet and the Twentieth-Century Imagination of Digital Media"


  • Dr. Eduard Vaisband (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Polish-Jewish Conflict at the Beginning of the First World War in the Russian Press and Literature"




Research Grants for Ph.D. Candidates:

  • Natanel Kantorovich (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Reality or a Dream? Jewish Settlement in the Land of Israel and the Soviet Union, 1933-1945"


  • Boris Tarnopolsky (Haifa University)

"Relations between Jews and Christians in the Pale of Settlement from the Second Half of the 19th Century until the First World War: Gomel as a Test-Case"


  • Rafi Tsirkin-Sadan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"The Reception of Leo Tolstoy in Jewish Culture"


  • Anat Vaturi (Tel Aviv University)

"Peaceful Neighborliness of Jews, Protestants and Catholics in Cracow – Kazimierz, 1520-1655"


  • Ilya Vovshin (Haifa University)

"The Ginzburg Family and the Creation of the Jewish Plutocracy in the Russian Empire"