Migration Research Project: General Information

Academic chairman: Jonathan Dekel-Chen


The Nevzlin Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem initiated in 2010 an international research project which aims to revolutionize the study of modern Jewish history and society through the integration of cutting-edge research on migration and diaspora into the field of Jewish Studies. The project is rooted in the belief that a transnational approach will help reconfigure the study of East European Jewry and its diaspora communities worldwide.


As a part of the International Research Project on Jewish Migration, the Nevzlin Center also initiated a Migration Course Cluster at the Hebrew University, in cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities. These courses focus on various aspects of migration and its impact on the lives of East European Jews in their countries of origin and new homelands.



Migration Course Cluster 2010-2011

Migration Course Cluster 2011-2012

Migration Course Cluster 2012-2013

Migration Course Cluster 2013-2014