International Forum of Young Scholars


Alumni Workshop Marking the 15th Anniversary of the Nevzlin Center


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Venue: C Hotel Neve Ilan


Sharon Hall


July 3, 2018 (Tuesday)


15:00                           Check-in in C Hotel, Neve Ilan

17:00                           Light refreshments

17:30-19:30                Opening SessionGreetings and opening remarks

Keynote lecture

Dariusz Stola

(Director of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews)

Jews and Memory Wars in Today's Poland


19:30                           Reception


July 4, 2018 (Wednesday)

7:00-9:00                    Breakfast

9:30-11:00                  Session 1: Current "Memory Wars" and Their Impact on the Study of East European Jewry

                                    Moderator: Zvi Gitelman

How recent developments in "national narratives" around Eastern Europe affect the present and the future of academic communities and East European Jewish Studies.

Discussants: Olesya Shayduk-Immerman, Yuri Radchenko, Anat Vaturi


11:00-11:15                Coffee Break  

11:15-12:30                Session 2: Academic Careers and Exchange of Ideas between Generations of Forum Alumni

Moderator: Jonathan Dekel-Chen

Personal stories about pathways towards academic careers, accessing prestigious grants, etc.

Discussant: Anastasiia Strakhova, Satoko Kamoshida, Dror Segev


12:30-15:00                Lunch and free time

15:00-16:30                Session 3: Trends in East European Jewish Studies, Part 1: Research

Moderator: Israel Bartal

Current trends in our field, research perspectives, future opportunities.

Discussants: Cornelia Aust, Joshua Karlip, Andrew Sloin


16:30-16:45                Coffee break

16:45-18:00                Session 4: Trends in East European Jewish Studies, Part 2: Institutional Horizons

Moderator: David Engel

The future of our field: Is it in the danger of disappearance like other "regional" studies? How should it be integrated into global and local collaborations / networks / interdisciplinary projects?

Discussants: Victoria Gerasimova, Elena Jakel, Anna Lipphardt


18:00-18:45                Closing remarks and discussion

                                    Moderator: Semion Goldin

18:45-20:00                Dinner