Third Session of the International Forum of Young Scholars on East European Jewry, London, 1-6 July 2007

University College LondonThe Third Session of the International Forum of Young Scholars on East European Jewry was held on 1-6 July 2007 in London, England. It was organized by the  Leonid Nevzlin Center in cooperation with the Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University, the International Center for Russian and East European Jewish Studies in Moscow, and the Vilnius Center for the Study of the Culture and History of East European Jews and hosted by the Institute of Jewish Studies at University College, London. This Forum session was led by esteemed team of senior scholars:  Profs. Jonathan Frankel (z"l), Dan Diner, Zvi Gitelman, Oleg Budnitskii, John Klier (z"l) and Israel Bartal.

Fivteen participants from 10 different contries took part in that session.


Forum participants Forum participants



List of the Forum Participants:


  1.  Cornelia Aust (University of Pennsylvania): Family, Commerce and Loyalty: Networks of Jewish Merchants in Warsaw between 1750 and 1815
  2. Jerzy Mazur (Brandeis University):  Frontier Jews? Applicability of the Concept to the Situation of Ruthenian Jews
  3. Olesya Shayduk (European University at St. Petersburg): Self-Identity of Young Jews in Today's Russia: a Case Study of St. Petersburg
  4. Maria Kaspina (Russian State University for Humanities): Collecting the Remnants of the Traditional Culture of Ashkenazi Jewry  in Eastern Europe
  5. Satoko Kamoshida (University of Tokyo): Why Do People Speak Yiddish? – Yidishkeyt for People in Israel in the 21st Century 
  6. Elana Jakel (University of Illinois): "Ukraine without Jews”? Contesting Belonging in Soviet Ukraine, 1943-1948
  7. Alessandro Cifariello ("Tor Vergata" University of Roma): Russian "Anti-Nihilism" and Jews
  8. David Snyder (Washington University): The Jewish Question and the Modern Metropolis: Urban Renewal in Prague and Warsaw, 1885-1950
  9. Dror Segev (Tel Aviv University): Family, Community and People as Reflected in the Russian-Polish Jewry Hebrew Press, 1881-1897
  10. Kati Vörös (University of Chicago): The Tiszaeszlár Blood Libel Affair: Society, Politics and the Jews in Hungary, 1877-1887
  11. Tatiana Lichtenstein (University of Toronto): Making Jews at Home: Zionism and the Construction of Jewish Nationality in the Bohemian Lands, 1918-1938
  12. Shmuel Barnai (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): The Socio-Political Development of Soviet Jewry during Khrushchev's Rule
  13. Shelly Zer-Zion (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Ester Rachel Kaminska: the Mother of Yiddish Theater
  14. Maria Ciesla (Polish Academy of Science): Jews in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 17th - 18th Centuries
  15. Zeev Levin (Tel Aviv University): Jews of Uzbekistan, 1924-1938: Agricultural Settlement, Occupational and Cultural change



Program of the Forum