Second Professional Development Workshop for the Alumni of the International Forum of Young Scholars on Russian and East European Jewry, 30-31 May 2010, Maaleh HaHamishah, Israel

Maaleh ha-Hamishah Conference CenterOn May 30-31, 2010, a workshop for alumni of the International Forum for Young Researchers of Russian and East European Jewry took place at Maaleh ha-Hamishah Conference Center near Jerusalem.

The International Forum of Young Scholars is an ongoing program coordinated by the Nevzlin Center (in collaboration with the Dubnow Institute at Leipzig University). An international "call" is announced once bi-annually for a session of the Forum for Young Researchers.

In 2010, as in the summer of 2008, a two-day workshop for the alumni of previous Forum was organized. Eleven young academics from Israel, the USA, Poland, and Italy took part in this session. Part of the workshop focused on discussion of individual research projects of the participants. Another portion of the two days focused on methodological discussions about the future of East European Jewish History field.Dr. Vladimir Levin. Forum participant

A significant component of the workshop was devoted to individual advisory sessions with leading researchers of East European Jewry: Prof. Israel Bartal (the Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Prof. Tzvi Gitelman (Michigan State University), Prof. David Engel (State University of New York), Prof. Yaakov Ro’i (Tel Aviv University), and Prof. Shaul Shtampfer (the Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

During the concluding session, participants of the workshop requested that the tradition of holding such meetings be maintained, in light of the way in which these meetings promote the growth and further development of young academics


The list of participants of the Alumni Workshop:


Young Scholars:

  1. Kamil Kijek (Historical Institute of the Polish Academy of Science)
  2. Anat Vaturi (The Hebrew University)
  3. Dror Segev (Tel Aviv University)
  4. Ben-Zion Klibansky (Tel Aviv University)
  5. Boris Tarnopolsky (University of Haifa)
  6. Alessandro Cifariello ("Tor Vergata" University of Rome)
  7. Maria Ciesla (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  8. Ilya Vovshin (University of Haifa)
  9. Satoko Kamoshida (University of Tokyo)
  10. Zeev Levin (Tel Aviv University)
  11. Raz Segal (Clark University)
  12. Vladimir Levin (The Hebrew University)
  13. Kata Bohus (Central European University)
  14. Joshua Karlip (The Jewish Theological Seminary of America)


Senior Scholars and staff:


Prof. Israel Bartal,The Hebrew University

Dr. Jonathan Dekel-Chen, The Hebrew University

Prof. Zvi Gitelman, University of Michgan

Prof. David Engel, New York University

Prof.Oleg Budnitsky, The International Center for Russian & East European Jewish Studies, Moscow

Prof. Dan Diner, The Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig

Dr. Semion Goldin, The Nevzlin Center, The Hebrew University



The program of the Alumni 2010 session